Monday, 16 May 2011


Alice, Sweet Alice poster, Go Ask Alice (1971 book), A Scottish Wildcat, Cameron Diaz's apparant yearbook picture- she might as well be 'Alice', and a Black Hole yearbook pic, and a random picture I found when all this Alice talk made me think of 'Alice, Alice, who the fuck is Alice?- see the link, and a still from Alice, Sweet Alice.

Go Ask Alice is a sinister book- I thought it was real for ages but was told that it was a work of fiction. It 's fairly scary though and is quite realistic, this girl's diary entries detailing her downwards spiral in life. You never actually know her name, it is assumed to be Alice due to the title, but this was apparently just to do with the drugs (Jefferson Airplane and all) and not meant to be to do with the fact that the protagonist was actually called Alice.

Anyway perhaps I should make a lighter hearted post next time.

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