Saturday, 21 May 2011

"i felt so symbolic yesterday"

Me in my new shoes and my cat, Capucine and her cat, the shoes, Grace Kelly wearing espadrilles, and a Cindy Sherman (Untitled Film Still 33)

I bought this pair of wedge espadrilles from New Look (never go in there but my Auntie said she had seen some cheap espadrilles that I would like in there) they were only £12 and I got them to be part of my bridesmaid outfit (it's my sisters wedding in a week), I made the pictures black and white to suit the theme I wanted to go for in this post but they are navy suede type material with white bow which I think I will cut off... they will look better and less cheap without. You can see from the top picture that my cat wanted my attention while I took these pictures, he's very sweet. Oh and the title is from Mr Jones by Counting Crows, it's stuck in my head. I find it funny to write this when I don't know if anyone is going to read it... hope they do though.

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